Our history

As indicated on our website, our company was born in Spain in the 80’s, with a seat in the industrial area of Barcelona; very soon it asserted itself in the design and construction of plants of all typology and power, even the most difficult ones, such as the “clean rooms” in hospitals.

This wide variety of achievements and facilities was – and is – guaranteed, in addition to the internal presence of a capable and valid Research Office, by the fact that for the equipment we resorted partly to direct imports, partly to what was already on the market (let’s not forget that Spain is still the first European consumer!), partly to ad hoc realisations.

The arrival of large multinationals – especially American and, in any case, English-speaking ones – made us discover the importance and spread of rental formulas, in addition to traditional fixed installations. The repetition of such supply orders not only forced us to study hitherto unthinkable solutions, but also exposed us to the satisfaction of immediate needs and forced us to meet strict deadlines, often with a long continuity of service and/or in front of thousands of people (sporting events, crowds at concerts, queues at the turnstiles of trade fairs, etc.).

Requests for air treatment are becoming more and more frequent, somewhat everywhere in Europe:

  • within Museum conservation (paintings, canvases and Aubusson carpets – the preservation of which requires a delicate balance with the moisture content resulting from the large influx of visitors -, ancient finds of paper and/or animal origin);
  • in the paint departments of shipbuilding and luxury goods, as well as for exhalations in leather processing;
  • realisation of plants to ensure optimal temperature and humidity control in the processing and storage of medicines and hospital products;
  • dust and odour control and removal in waste storage and wastewater treatment areas;
  • control and removal of suspended dusts in pulp and paper production, processing and textile waste areas;
  • in swimming pools, gymnasiums, climbing walls, in tennis facilities, sports practice venues, sports palaces used for religious/political events with a large audience;
  • for photographic services and fashion shows, indoor and outdoor;
  • during concerts, theatrical performances, television and film shoots, even in places with very difficult equipment handling (e.g. repeated film shoots in palaces in Venice etc.).
  • public openings, presentation of products or new lines in the luxury or high-end range (see our brand documentation and photo gallery), with a large number of guests, assisted by catering services;
  • sponsored sporting events, especially football (Heineken sponsor Championship in Rome, Madrid, London);
  • private services in villas/chateaus or rented venues for weddings and celebrations, etc.

For our activity it is essential to have numerous warehouses and warehouses, formed over time, that allow us to move the different equipment where it is needed and in the necessary quantity: we are talking about air conditioning supply, for example, of hundreds of mobile devices at the same time or powers of millions of frigories/calories at the same time.

Over the decades, from the original Oikeax S.l., in Italy, Ino Srl and Ino Impianti, in Spain, Yhino S.l. were born; other foreign realities are affiliated in the French and German-speaking areas: they all act according to the same industrial and commercial terms.

This allowed and allows us to respond to vast areas also to the needs of small and medium-sized installers and charterers who, in turn, introduce us to those of their Customers.